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In our race you get the oportunity to focus on the challenge and to perform at your best. We will support you during the whole event – transportation, energy, food, hot tub and finally the much appreciated waffle at the finish – are all included in the registration fee.

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More info about 42km

+42 KM 10.00 pm

An ultra-ultra challenge

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+21 KM 7.00 am

A race for the toughest, a performance out of the ordinary.

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+6 KM 2.00 pm

A race for the tough one, although we call it our sprint distance

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+0.5 KM 11.30 AM

500 meter. A distance that suits those who have not tested open water swimming before.

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Terms of Registration

Your registration is binding. Refund due to illnes or injury will only be made after a valid medical cerftificate is sent to We will deduct 500 SEK from the refunded amount due to administration fees. You are allowed to transfer your spot to another swimmer.